Yoga Classes and Workshops in Fitzroy, Melbourne

Regular Yoga Classes

melb-schedNina facilitates regular yoga classes and workshops in Fitzroy.

Tuesdays 10-12pm General level yoga, Dance of Life

Tuesdays 6-7pm Hatha Flow, Gertrude St Yoga 

Tuesdays 7.30-8.30pm Hatha Flow, Gertrude St Yoga 

Thursdays 6.30-8.30am General level yoga, Dance of Life 

Thursdays 9.30-11am Vinyasa, Gertrude St Yoga 

Thursdays 5.30-7.15pm General level yoga, Dance of Life



She also irregularly can be found at Gertrude St Yoga in Fitzroy. 




Regular Yoga Workshops

At least once a month, Nina runs a longer workshop on a topic suggested by you. These workshops are usually on a Saturday afternoon and go for 2.5-3hrs. 
For detailed information on past workshops, check the Blog Section, for upcoming workshops and a list of previous ones, look up the workshop section. You are also welcome to join the Yoga Workshops group on Facebook, where you are able to connect with other workshop members and share ideas and experiences.

Next workshop:

Sunday Apr 29th 12pm: Purposeful Practice for the Upper Limbs

Are you interested in how to grow your practice safely and meaningfully? How to monitor yourself for falling into the traps of “my body doesn’t do that” or refraining from always taking the easy option?

The Purposeful Practice Workshop Series with Nina looks into the facilitation of major areas of the body.

In this workshop you will learn about the anatomy of the upper limbs, thoughts to bear in mind for alignment and safe loading, and how to deeply and meaningfully engage and also create space and awareness. With this information, we begin to investigate physical engagement options and asanas that pose difficulties on the joints. Finally, we look into joint maintenance, practice preparation and strengthening exercises.

Go to to register and pay.

Please book in!

Time: 12pm
Location: Gertrude St Yoga
All practitioners, all experiences welcome

Feel free to join the Facebook event.


Saturday May 5th: Kleshas – Obstacles to Practice

In this workshop we will look more closely at the Kleshas and explore what is determining and holding us back in our practice.
This is not an asana based workshop 🙂

Contact Nina for details, to register and pay.

Please book in!

Time: 1.15pm
Location: Dance of Life, Fitzroy
All practitioners, all experiences welcome

Feel free to join the Facebook event.



Nina comes from a background of martial arts and massage therapy. Her instruction style combines insights from these areas and focuses on balancing strength and intention with flexibility and growth in self awareness. The aim is enhanced alertness and appreciation of both of your body and mind. Her classes are versatile and detailed, enabling you to explore postures deeply and get to know better your body’s needs and abilities. In this way, you become self-aware, strong and mindful – great conditions for a healthier life.