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Abigail Pattman

Abigail is a Certified Practitioner in Reiki, Tarot Reading, Theta Healing, Holographic Kinetics, and Spiritual Coaching. Her signature is her down to earth, heartfelt, humorous approach to life whilst deep sea diving in layers of emotions and limiting beliefs presented by her clients and sailing through into clearer waters. It is easy to trust Abigail as she navigates unknown territories fearlessly allowing her clients to release, transform and transition into a deeper, more empowering version of themselves. Named ‘a beautiful British Psychic with 89 Angels who accompany her on a sublime cleansing mission.’ by Bangkok Post, she is known for her transformational healing sessions, high vibration guided meditations, magical, mystical retreats and ‘activating, catalyst abilities’. Her mission is to inspire intuitives and empathics across the globe to step into their power, love and accept themselves and their abilities and to envision themselves as the mystical, autonomous beings they really are. 


Elizabeth Bell

Elizabeth Bell has taught body-breath-mind work in Melbourne, Australia for the last 15 years. From her life as a thinker and artist, OVARIAN TEMPLE has evolved quietly and intuitively over the last 20 years through her personal investigations, art practice, life experience, classes, workshops and at festivals and retreats. 
With the Ovarian Temple, Elizabeth has created a relaxation meditation that offers you an opportunity to develop a friendly, functional and respectful relationship with your reproductive organs. It is about warming, sweetening and strengthening your sexuality. It is about liberating yourself from unhelpful ideas and taking charge of your relationships. It is about encouraging you to take time to nurture yourself, refresh and reclaim yourself, unleash your creativity, imagine yourself as a temple and flourish…..