Twists & Hips Workshop 29 July 2017

This month’s workshop plunged straight into introductions, beginning with Barbara, who had suggested the topic. She explained that she’s relatively new to yoga, and finds herself thinking a lot about what she is doing, what she ought to be doing, and whether she’s doing it right. She’s especially concerned about the basics, but also notes […]

Lower Spine Engagement Workshop 8 October

   Twenty-three people turned out for this workshop on the lower spine – its articulation and strengthening. The participants reported that they were: Ageing, and seeking flexibility Recovering from childbirth Recovering from surgery Here to have a play; but I’ve got a tight hip, with inflammation. I find my knee is compensating, and want to […]

Neck & Shoulders: Flexibility & Strength Workshop

This workshop began with a focus on the thoracic spine, moving upwards and outwards from there. As such, it included the cervical spine (neck), the shoulders and the arms. It was a physically focused topic, looking at what you can and need to do in order to advance your practice. What issues and alignments do […]

Transitions Workshop — 30 January 2016

Our first workshop for the year brought out many familiar faces and once again a few new ones. Nina began by informing the newbies and reminding the others that the workshops are pretty laid back. Rather than a teaching session in which one person imparts knowledge to others, we aim to develop and sustain a […]

Yoga Vs Pilates: What’s the Difference?

by Megan Zsaa for Jivamukti Yoga London Are you a gym newbie? It’s true that at this time of the year, subscriptions to some of the biggest gyms and fitness centres soar – and with good reason. We all want to start off the year right – in the hope that doing so will instill […]

Twists Yoga Workshop December 2015

Twists Yoga Workshop December 2015   Anatomy – the Spine There are a lot of different poses that involve twists. They can be done seated, reclined, standing, lunging, inverting, bending forward, bending backwards, bound and so on. Different twists obviously work different parts of the spine. When we talk about twists, we’re talking about twisting […]