Svastha Yoga – Classes, Workshops & Retreats

Fitzroy, Melbourne


Nina has chosen the concept of Svastha as the guiding principle of her yogic path. She uses Svastha to facilitate her own and others’ learning processes, seeking the balance of intention and well-being that lies therein.


Svastha is an Ayurvedic term that means ‘standing in yourself‘ or ‘residing within yourself‘, indicating a state of complete balance and health. Sva = self, stha = establishment.


Nina comes from a background of martial arts and yoga and practices as a massage therapist. She has studied Sociology, Philosophy and Psychology and practiced as a counsellor for some years before embracing her other healing capacities. She is based in Melbourne, Australia, and often travels to SE Asia to broaden her knowledge and to facilitate yoga workshops, immersions and teacher trainings.

Her teaching is centred on practices that use breath and intention to engage your yoga confidently beyond the mat. Applying techniques which involve playful asana, pranayama, meditation, visualisation and lots of fun, she focuses on balancing strength and intention with flexibility and growth in self-awareness and self-exploration. The aim is enhanced alertness and appreciation of both mind and body. Nina’s classes are versatile and detailed, enabling you to thoroughly explore postures and deepen your knowledge of your body’s needs and abilities. In this way, you become self-aware, strong and mindful – great conditions for a healthier life.

Nina guided numerous 300hr teacher trainings at Jungleyoga and is inspired in her arm balances by Larry Schultz’ Rocket yoga. She also has facilitated several solo yoga immersions and runs regular workshops. In combination, the experiences of both six week long trainings and shorter workshops have  provided invaluable lessons about energy flow, group dynamics and facilitation of the attendees’ personal development within the safety of the group. These lessons will be developed further and applied to future events. They also inform the contents of this Svastha page.  
When she is not teaching overseas, Nina is based in Fitzroy, Melbourne, at the Dance of Life Studio. Here, she teaches regular classes and workshops and offers therapeutic massages